Get Control of Power BI With Xpert BI Solution Catalog

Power BI is giving companies incredible value. However, as the usage increases, so does the need for documentation and governance.

Typical challenges

  • How do you control where your data is used and that users only publish qualified data?
  • Do you have many pro-users, reports and data sources?
  • How do you know which reports are depending on which data model?

With Power BI Data Governance in Xpert BI Solution Catalog you get:

  • Full control of all data, automatic, technical documentation and full data traceability.
  • Accelerate development and minimize time used for documentation and maintenance
  • Compliance and increased data quality in solution
  • End user documentation to enhance the technical document.

A holistic data management approach

With the powerful metadata engine in Xpert BI, you can now include Power BI reports in the Solution Catalog, either as a stand-alone Solution on your existing data platform, or as a part the Xpert BI Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution.

Utilizing the Power BI API interface Xpert BI will download all relevant metadata from your entire Power BI Service and structure it into user-friendly readable formats in the Solution Catalog. In addition to the metadata which is available for download, Xpert BI also have an interface for you to add description and end-user documentation on all levels; data sets, reports, apps, workspaces… The Solution Catalog will therefore serve  your Power BI end users to explain report content and usage, your analysts to explain data sets and data sources, and your data managers to have a complete overview where and how the organisations data is used.  You will get full data traceability and documentation of your solution, either on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid or SaaS.

Technical overview

Xpert BI will import and organize metadata on all objects from the Power BI API:

    • Apps
    • Workspaces
    • Reports
    • Data sets
    • Data Flows
    • Power Query code
    • Tables
    • Columns
    • Measures including DAX formulas

Within the Xpert BI application the Power BI Pro user or the data manager can also add documentation and descriptions on every level.

If your organisation also uses Xpert BI as a Data Warehouse Automation tool, you will get lineage from report to data source. Adding now also the possibility of ‘tagging’ columns or tables to all levels of the data warehouse. This enables tagging of GDPR, data owner, domain etc. which means that you can trace which Power BI report is using certain tags.

If you are not using Xpert BI already, but have a Data Warehouse, the lineage “depth” will depend on your implementation. But all information from the Power BI environment will be visible and searchable, both as reports (tables with mapped dependencies) and graphical trees.