Xpert Bi Sap adapter

Quick and easy access to SAP data.

Do you need access to sap data?

Is your business using SAP ERP? Do you need to combine SAP data with data from other systems?

Extracting meaningful data from SAP is often a demanding process. It often leads to high costs and results in a rigid solution that is difficult to maintain. In addition, the solution may not be reusable and is often dependent on key personnel that knows the system.

Xpert BI SAP adapter makes the process easy, quick and reusable.

What is XPert BI SAP ADAPter?

Based on years of SAP experience, BI Builders has made a smart adapter. The adapter makes it possible to combine data with metadata from your SAP solution.

The extraction of data is configured in a convenient user interface, and data is automatically made available in your Microsoft Data Platform (cloud or on-premises).

The process can easily be repeatable, which makes it less dependent on key personnel,  and has live documentation. It also makes future changes quick and easy to implement.


Key benefits

Get more out of your SAP data.

Combine ERP-data from other solutions, without creating large complex projects with high costs.

Get faster from idea to value.

Automatic code generation allows you to save time by smart use of data. Easy scalability enables new ideas to be realized quicker.

SAP data in Azure with Power BI.

Our Solution gives easy access to your SAP data in a user-friendly model in your Microsoft Azure environment. Ready for all your analysis needs in Power BI.


We have used Xpert BI SAP Adapter for more than 3 years.  It has saved us time and money by cutting the implementation cost in half. 

It has given us flexibility, at the same time control and traceability. We can recommend Xpert BI to all companies that wish to get the best value out of their SAP data.

Lars Herman Løkkeberg

Brynild Gruppen