This was BI Builders’ first time as a sponsor for SQL Saturday in Oslo.  SQL Saturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. The event turnout was impressive and the sessions had a good variety and content. SQL Saturday is clearly an event where we as Microsoft BI Professionals can meet our equals and learn and discuss detailed technical solutions. Even though the exhibitor area was in a separate room, the raffle tickets made sure the attendees visited the sponsors. We talked with several BI Developers who valued Data Warehouse Automation as a way of solving both development and maintenance issues.

Several of the sessions also focused on Azure, both services (SaaS) and VM (IaaS), and looked at some of the possibilities and limitations of the various solutions and platforms.  Issues with migrating solutions to the cloud, handling data loads, automating DevOps for data warehouse migrations were also discussed. And of course, sessions on Power BI administration and best practice around reports, dashboards, workspaces and content.

We got a lot of valuable technical input and inspiration, and found SQL Saturday useful as both an educational and a networking arena.





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