There were many exiting speeches at yesterday’s Gaselle 2015 announcement in Stavanger.  It was very inspiring to see other local, successful and growing companies receive recognition for their achievements.

The speech from Øystein Dørum (DNB) focused on facts and trends in the Norwegian economy with predictions for the future. He emphasized that despite the current economic downswing, especially in the Stavanger region, this also opens up opportunities for new companies, new initiatives and possibilities.



Siri Kalvik presented some astonishing photos of clouds and winds and she focused on that we must drive for inventions that will solve both technical and environmental challenges. We must utilize the knowledge and experience from the oil industry to produce new inventions that are sustainable in the future. She also said that to be successful and maintain success you cannot be driven by economical gains alone, and you have to always continue to develop and change. Because the minute you are content and stop driving for new goals, your competitors will take your place.




BI Builders became a Gaselle company for the first time this year, and our goal is certainly to continue our growth and development!






Link to Dagens Næringsliv:

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