BI Builders is a Partner and active participant at BeslutsstödsDagen (Decision-Support-Day) in Stockholm 25th January. The conference will be held at Münchenbryggeriet, Mälarsalen, Söder Mälarstrand 29, on the 7th floor. Click here for map location.

Espen Langbråten from BI Builders will lead an Idea Blitz roundtable on the topic:

To be or not to be for the data warehouse
There are discussions about the future of the data warehouse in this age of Digitalization and Big Data technology. Is there a need for the data warehouse anymore? Or is the solution a data lake in the cloud containing all our data – big and small – where the business rules are implemented in the data visualization tool or the analytic tool? Before looking at the solution, it is important to first look at the challenges. And next look at how those challenges can best be solved. How do you handle data quality issues, ownership, governance and the continuous change of these challenges?


  • How to implement a data strategy before choosing technology
  • How to work more efficiently implementing and maintaining your data warehouse
  • How to combine the best of the data warehouse with the best of the data lake


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