Customer success stories


The Norwegian State has substantial holdings in several oil and gas fields, pipelines and land facilities linked to the Norwegian continental shelf through the State’s Direct Financial Interest (SDFI). Petoro AS manages these interests

Data Manager Erik Aarrestad explains how their data warehouse Tora, based on Xpert BI and Microsoft SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases value creation.


NorSea is an innovative and customer-focused supply chain manager. The company provides supply base services and integrated logistics solutions to several industries.

The data warehouse in Norsea was established as they were implementing a new ERP system. With the powerful automation that Xpert BI provides, Norsea was able to start building a data model for reporting and combine data from several systems simultaneously as they converted into the new ERP system.

Today, just a few years later, the data warehouse has become central and valuable in the day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Data is continuously combined and converted into new insights – generating business value every day.


Brynild Gruppen AS, one of Norway’s largest family-owned confectionary manufacturers.

Brynildgruppen uses Xpert BI for all their data collections into their Data Warehouse on SQL Server. The main reporting and analytics domain in the solution is sales; both inner and outer sales, which includes integrating data from SAP, Nielsen and other External trade solutions.

Laerdal Medical As

Laerdal has over the years established sales operations in 23 countries and manufacturing and R&D operation units in four different locations. The company has 1400 employees. The operations consist of high-end manufacturing, R&D, marketing and management & support functions for the global company, as well as sales for the Norwegian market.

Xpert BI has enabled Laerdal to include new reporting areas in the data warehouse solution without increasing the total solution complexity. It has also enabled a fast implementation of complex history tracking on personnel, inventory status and other snapshot data.