Being in the software business, one of our most important tasks is to let our customers know about our product. One of the ways we do that is to attend various conferences around the world. For two consecutive weeks in November we will be spend a lot of time on the conference carpet, in sessions, and in our hotel rooms.

Pass Summit 2017

First out is the PASS Summit in Seattle. This is the Microsoft SQL Server user based conference with a lot of great topics on both traditional SQL Server and data warehousing, but probably more topics on the new architecture and the new possibilities in Azure.

We are living in exiting times with regards to data strategy, data architecture and technology.

Since we are a Microsoft partner we need to both have an opinion and a strategy with respect to Azure. It is going to be very exciting to talk to the best SQL Server people in the world about both our current product and to lift the veil on the future of Xpert BI. So, if you are going to PASS, drop by booth K4 at the launchpad area and talk to us, we might have some nice swag to give away. And I promise you will have a great data strategy or data warehouse talk and of course a demo of the best DWA tool on the marked.

While I am writing this, I am trying to come up with a topic for a ten-minute speed talk on a Norwegian conference coming up in October. I think my topic will be something like, if everyone is a data scientist, who is going to do the ETL? It is still is a mystery to me that people are skeptical of doing DWA on their ETL so that the road to the data scientist role gets shorter. I guess one of our goals on the PASS Summit is to convert some of the manual ETL developers to see that DWA can be a good thing, and not only yet another costly software we have to learn.

After we say goodbye to the space needle we fly directly to Barcelona to attend the Gartner Symposium.

The Gartner Symposium is a bit different from the PASS Summit, where the PASS Summit gather the SQL Server nerds from all over the world, the Gartner Symposium is more a C level Gartner Symposium ITXPO Barcelona 2017conference. Our focus here will be to show the great benefits of investing in our software to enable not only your data warehouse but also your digitalization strategies.

Anja, our head of project implementation and co-founder of BI Builders, is going to talk about how your “old” technology can co-exist with the more “modern” ways of modelling or storing your data (Please, pay attention to the quotation marks).


BI & Analytics – What will be your Fit for Purpose solution?

Does the introduction of new technologies mean your current toolsets are obsolete, and will they be able to co-exist? 

BI Builders will discuss the impact of the changing size and content of data in organizations regarding reporting, analytics and fact-based decision-making.

I am confident this is a hot topic for most of both the BI and analytic leaders and the CIO and CTO’s attending the conference.

So, as much as we hope this will be a great way to both meet new customers and partners from around the globe, we also hope we get to learn something from all the attendees and other conference partners’ as well.

It is you that make our product and our advising better by letting us learn from what you do. At the same time, we hope that we will be able to inspire the attendees into doing things smarter, cheaper and faster.

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