DWH Automation: Transforming the world of DWH & BI

Back in 2007 when I first started working with ETL processes and building Data warehouses, it was a steep learning path. Setting up a Data Warehouse (DWH) required plenty of planning and project management before the actual development could start. There were various steps that lead to a functional DWH capable of servicing the business needs.

To name a few

  • Create Source to Target Mappings including business rules and logic.
  • Create a naming convention to be used throughout the DWH.
  • Document the business logic as you go on building the DWH.
  • Generate and store Surrogate Keys.
  • Decide on what goes in SCD 1 and SCD 2.
  • Design the architecture, whether it would be Star or Snowflake or just some form of denormalized data.
  • Deciding on the load frequency.
  • Finally loading it into target data model.

It is estimated that in a normal Business Intelligence (BI) project, close to 80% of the time and budget is spent on setting up the DWH. It is important to understand here that a solid DWH architecture and design sets up your entire BI project for success. Any critical failures or misunderstandings in the design and architecture of DWH can have serious business consequences. Considering these factors automating your DWH implementation is a step that every company would like to invest in.

At BI Builders we have just the right product for your DWH automation – Xpert BI. It’s a culmination of best practices in DWH implementation gathered over the years by developing DWH solutions on premise and in cloud. Xpert BI integrates all your data, from local files, complex systems to cloud applications, in a central information platform, thereby empowering the team to produce actionable insights at a quicker pace than before. You can choose your own infrastructure, Xpert BI supports both on premise and cloud instances. It is certified for Microsoft Azure and is also available in the marketplace. It generates standard SQL code in the backend, so it’s easy to debug.

Here is how Xpert BI delivers faster implementation of a DWH.

Xpert BI is a one stop solution for implementing

  • New DWH from scratch.
  • Creating a Data Mart on top of/alongside an existing DWH to support a specific business area.
  • Exporting on premises data to the cloud, with Export Groups (Exporting data from an entire source system to Azure Data Lake can be done in a few clicks)
  • Documenting SSAS models and exposing them to business users.

We are working round the clock at BI Builders to improve the product and come up with connectors to make your data integration as smooth as possible.

Check out our website https://bi-builders.com/ to know more about the product, available data connectors and read customer success stories.