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Xpert BI integrates all of your data, from local files, complex systems, to cloud applications, in a central information platform. Xpert BI empowers teams to produce actionable insights faster than ever before.

Xpert BI Technical Professional Course

Learn the foundation for the Xpert BI Technical Professional Certification with our free online course

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Make your decisions based on updated and reliable data with Xpert BI. The automated approach gives fast and dependable data loads with data  you can count on.

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Xpert BI is Certified for Microsoft Azure.

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Xpert BI enables you to work closer to the business and better meet their information needs. Your business will be able to quickly use the information to gain a competetive advantage.

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Xpert BI Technical Professional Course

Learn the basics of data warehouse design principles, followed by a step by step walk-through of Xpert BI basic functionalities and features with our free online course.

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On Premises. Cloud. Hybrid.

Xpert BI is Certified for Microsoft Azure.

With data located both on premises and in the cloud, both internal and external, the demand for both hybrid and cloud data warehouse solutions are growing. With Xpert BI you ensure automation, lineage and documentation of all data processing and data flows regardless of your choice of infrastructure. Xpert BI is also compatible with AWS, Google or other cloud platforms. Xpert BI enables you to utilize the most suitable environment for your data warehouse needs.


About BI Builders

BI Builders is a Norwegian software company, with a mission to optimize the resources spent on Business Intelligence solutions as well as increasing data quality and reliability. Our main focus is on automating the ETL processes which normally accounts for more than 80 percent of a Business Intelligence (BI) project.


Xpert BI is a Microsoft SQL server based tool that is designed to automate and improve all aspects of data warehousing and Business Intelligence – especially in the areas of extraction- and transformation processes, also known as ELT. The Xpert BI solution includes data warehouse architecture and methodologies as well as best practices right out-of-the-box, to ensure our Customers and Partners are getting the most out of the software, and by that fast ROI.