Release Notes

Release Notes

Below is the release notes from the latest Xpert BI release.

Please find a full release notes list here: Xpert BI Release Notes


Release Notes Xpert BI


  • Added the SAP RFC Collection Module (licensed).
  • Added the SOAP Web Service Collection Module (licensed).
  • Added the REST Web Service Collection Module (licensed).
  • Added the Publication module, with functionality to publish REST APIs.
  • Updated the operations for deleting old logs to minimise the chance of a sql server deadlock when running several .exe files at the same time.
  • Added support for NEMS Panorama in the REST Web Service Collection Module.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong server name was used in connection string parameter for some modules.

Migration Wizard

  • Fixed a bug where migrating a process group with more than 1000 objects would cause an error.
  • Fixed a bug where migrating an inlined view would cause an error if the target contained a table with the same name as the view (without the “_Inline” suffix).
  • Fixed a bug where migrating a new process group could lead to errors in existing inline objects in target.
  • Fixed a bug where critical inconsistencies detected in ODS leads to consistency check for collection not being run.
  • Fixed a bug where migrating a process group that is empty in source could lead to warning about deleted objects not being shown.
  • Added a warning on missing databases in target if Solution Settings (on page 2) has not been migrated and new databases has been added in source.
  • Changed the condition for skipping the pre-compare tests (invalid objects etc.) on page 3 to skip if there are only delete-process group changes being migrated.
  • Added guard to ObjectAllMappingTable_Temp table.
  • Fixed a bug where object name sometimes would be blank in the deleted objects warning window.
  • Fixed a bug where migrating from table T and inline view T_Inline to table T could lead to missing delete statement for view T_Inline.
  • Added a warning when migrating table changes that can cause data loss.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to go to page three of the wizard, without a correct connection.
  • Added a warning on possible unsupported table changes.


  • Changed so that the timeout is used for all queries executed against the collection database.
  • Added functionality to automatically generate a Primary Key.
  • Added functionality to exclude columns for XML Collection.
  • Added Collection Type to the Properties pane.
  • Added functionality to allow null values in the Primary Key.
  • Fixed a bug where a collection folder structure was created on the collection TopLevelNodePath when the table name was empty.
  • Fixed a bug to avoid an exception when reloading the pane before the collection is saved.
  • Fixed a bug so that when using Process Data from the ribbon it is the Collection pane in focus that will be processed, not the Collection selected in the Data Source Explorer tree.
  • Added Collection ID and Collection Table ID to the Properties pane.
  • Fixed a bug to avoid an exception when opening a XML collection where the XSD config file does not exist.
  • Changed it so that temporary Excel files (beginning with ~$) is skipped when processing.
  • Added functionality to include all XML tables from an XSD file, instead of selecting only one table.

Dependency Graph

  • Fixed a bug where changing the casing on objects could make them show as External Objects in the dependency graph.
  • Changed the “Not part of any fact table structures” warning, to a “Not part of any process group structures” warning.

Data Source Explorer

  • Changed it so that the icons under Configuration change if a connection is set.
  • Changed it so that Collection folders and tables are sorted by name.

Import Source Metadata

  • Changed it so that metadata for views are included in the import when the source is SQL Server.
  • Fixed a bug where comments were overwritten for tables, columns and relations when re-importing metadata for existing tables.
  • Fixed a bug where importing metadata from Oracle failed when the schema/user had access to multiple schemas which included identical table name/column name.


  • Fixed a bug where tracking changes on uniqueidentifier columns caused errors.
  • Changed the Tracking/Changing namings.

Configure Relations

  • Added better error handling when disabling unused relations.

Query Source Data

  • Fixed a bug where the query was formatted incorrectly for iSeries Access ODBC data sources if XBI Exported Metadata was selected as source in Import Source Metadata.

Analysis Models

  • Moved the Analysis Models button to the new Publication pane.

Popup Windows

  • Changed it so that the popup windows appear on top of all other windows.
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts.

Analyse Data Source

  • Fixed a bug where database schemas set on instance level were ignored.

Edit Metadata

  • Fixed a bug so that the “Deactivate Columns” action will use the “Other Command Timeout” when finding single-valued columns.

Process Groups

  • Changed the Solution objects list so that it only contains Fact or Top-Level objects.
  • Added an Included objects list, which contains the objects included in the selected process group.
  • Added Add and Delete/Remove buttons, instead of checkboxes, to select which objects are included in a process group.


  • Changed the unused objects report so that it now shows objects that are not part of any process group structures.

Edit Data Load Settings

  • Added sorting and filtering to the Table Name column.

Configure Relations

  • Fixed a bug where the pane could be marked as changed after saving.
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to an exception after saving an edited comment.