Release Notes

Release Notes

Below is the release notes from the latest Xpert BI release.

Please find a full release notes list here: Xpert BI Release Notes


Release Notes Xpert BI


  • Added the “Dependency Loops” pane to the Transformation ribbon tab.
  • Added the “Reports” pane to the Administration ribbon tab.
  • Changed the splash screen so that it does not disappear before the application has fully loaded.
  • Added support for an upper case version of the Xpert BI database stack. See the user manual for more information.
  • Added the XML Collection module.

Import Source Metadata

  • Added a “Connection source” section where the connection can be pointed to the XBI exported metadata database.
  • Fixed a bug so that a table which is deleted and then re-added without saving in-between is NOT deleted when doing the final save.

Define Global Filters

  • Fixed a bug so that when more than eight tables are listed in “Exists in” list, the last table is not hidden.

Set Table Filters

  • Fixed a bug so that the default value for a date and a datetime is set correctly in the Source Selection Expression Builder.

Edit Tracking/Changing

  • Fixed a bug so that tracking snapshot (TS) works correctly when an Id is removed from the tracked table.

Data processor

  • Added better error logging for pre-processing and post-processing problems.

Process Groups

  • Changed so that the user is not allowed to use the ”Copy Migrations Script” if there is a loop in the object dependencies.

Dependency Graph

  • Changed the Edit Description to automatically save the object description after the user clicks ‘OK’ in the description dialog box.

Solution Explorer

  • Changed the “Reload solution explorer” to be a full reload and optimised the algorithms to make it run faster. Removed the “Full Reload of solution explorer” button.

Flat File Collection

  • Added support for reading Excel files. See the user manual for more information.
  • Added a Config folder to the folder structure where the template/config file used for setting up the data import can be located.


  • Added an optional parameter MaxThreads for setting the maximum number of threads that should be used when processing data.