Reference Cases

Det norske: Xpert BI replaces SAP BW - Flexible information management architecture Having implemented Xpert BI as an ETL tool on top of a MS SQL server platform, Det norske have ensured they have a flexible and expandable solution. The first step of their data warehouse solution was to make SAP Finance data available in a cost effective manner. Case Study: Det Norske
Nokas: Using Xpert BI to save ERP license - Because of the power of Xpert BI, all relevant data from SAP was migrated into the SQL server database in 5 days, and are ready for access either by end users or for further migration into the new ERP system.   NOKAS_case
Laerdal Medical: Global Datawarehouse solution with Xpert BI - Laerdal has over the years established sales operations in 23 countries and manufacturing and R&D operation units in four different locations. The company has 1400 employees. The operations consist of high-end manufacturing, R&D, marketing and management & support functions for the global company, as well as sales for the Norwegian market. Xpert BI has enabled Laerdal to include new reporting areas in the data warehouse solution without increasing the total solution complexity. It has also enabled a fast implementation of