Xpert BI Technical Professional Course 20th and 21st of August.

Xpert BI Technical Professional Course 20th and 21st of August.

The Xpert BI Technical Professional is a course and certification available to BI Builders’ partners and customers. The course is mandatory for every consulting, professional and premier partner to ensure a good quality of project implementations and that Xpert BI is used efficiently. The course is 2 sessions, approx. 4,5 hours each. It includes an extended trial license that the participants can use on the course and for internal testing and development. 


  • Knowledge of BI and Data Warehouse development  
  • Preferable with knowledge of the SQL server BI stack including SSMS and SSAS 


  • PC/laptop with SQL server 2016 (or later) installed or access to a server with this installation.  

Aimed for: 

  • BI and Data Warehouse developers/professionals/architects/technicians 

Content Day 1.

Xpert BI Extraction including: source metadata handling, destination metadata handling and data extraction with surrogate primary and foreign keys. Incremental loads, Tracking and Changing attributes, using functions, advanced metadata handling. 

Xpert BI Collection basics from Excel, XML and Web Services 

Installation of Xpert BI and practical training  

Content Day 2.

Q&A and summary from Day1  

Xpert BI Transformation including: introduction to data transformation methodology, creating tables using Xpert BI configuration, understanding dependencies.  Incremental data loads in Transformation, using stored procedures, solution documentation, publish to Rest API, Power Pivot, SSAS Tabular, Export groups (ADL), and much more. 

Administration, logging and metadata reports. 

Demo of new modules. 

At convenience: Online Xpert BI Certification Test 

Course TutorAnja Loug Helland,  Partner and Senior Architect, BI Builders 

  • Date: 20th and 21st of August
  • Time: 15:30-20:00 
  • Adress: Kanalsletta 4, 4033 Stavanger  

Contact Anja Loug Helland for more information, price and registration.