Last Christmas I gave you Hadoop, but the very next day, you gave it away

I have spent some of the quiet Christmas nights in front of a burning fireplace reading articles about the future of the data warehouse. There are many opinions and arguments on how the future of data warehousing will be.
Two types of professionals are argumenting the pros and the cons in regards of technical architecture surrounding your data warehouse solution.
The technocrats make strong arguments in regards of specific technologies that will solve your challenges in the new data area.
On the other hand, you have professionals that are more of the old school and are skeptical to let technology drive the type of challenge you are going to solve. Let’s call them the conservatives.
Being a conservative myself it’s easy to point out what the technocrats do wrong, but are they as wrong as someone as me at times argue? Read more

Are we heading towards chaos? Or am I just getting old?

Write 500 lines of 500, pray and press F8

Last night I was attending an after work meet up where the topic was “Clash Of The Titans”. Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle was presenting their BI and analytic solutions, both what they can offer today and how their future releases will be.

Remembering back to the year 2000 when I started my first job as a data warehouse developer, we programmed SAS code without any intellisense on a dark blue background with a white font.

After writing 500 lines of code we said a small prayer and then we pressed F8. Usually we got lucky, other times we didn’t, and had to use the rest of the day finding that small typo or looking for that breach in logic that didn’t give us the result we wanted. Read more

Why are we only talking about lakes, reservoirs, swamps and clouds?

Hadoop Cluster Quote

The buzzwords and the endless possibilities that can be made in the cloud seems to be on everybody’s minds these days. Did we forget our core business?

At the breakfast table at the TDWI conference in February 2016 I met two gentlemen and we started talking about Big Data, cloud BI and the other buzzwords. They told me a story from their company.

“One day my boss comes into my office and asked, how are we on big data? I had to ask him back, what do you mean? My boss asked again, how are we on big data? Do we have Hadoop? And I said No? Well, we need that, my boss replied and walked out the door. So now we have a Hadoop cluster in the cloud with little or no data and we really don’t know why we need it, but I’m sure my boss got his bonus!” Read more