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About Bi Builders

BI Builders is a Norwegian software company, with a mission to optimize the resources spent on Business Intelligence solutions as well as increasing data quality and reliability. Our main focus is on automating the ETL processes which normally accounts for more than 80 percent of a Business Intelligence (BI) project.

xpert bi

xpert bi


Xpert BI Collection enables data collection from flat files, XML files, Web services, etc. This module will enable you to include ‘non-database’ data in the data warehouse solution, and to store it in the same structure as the rest of your company’s data.



xpert bi


Xpert BI Extraction employs an automated process to extract data from any application into an intuitive relational data model 10 times faster than traditional methods. Metadata is imported or defined in Xpert BI which then structures the data model into an idealized data source.


xpert bi


Xpert BI Transformation allows any type of transformation, be it views, tables, stored procedures or functions to be created, added and edited using standard SQL while automatically maintaining and documenting the dependency structure.



about xpert bi

Xpert BI is a Microsoft SQL server based tool that is designed to automate and improve all aspects of data warehousing and Business Intelligence – especially in the areas of extraction- and transformation processes, also known as ELT. The Xpert BI solution includes data warehouse architecture and methodologies as well as best practices right out-of-the-box, to ensure our Customers and Partners are getting the most out of the software, and by that fast ROI.


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Xpert BI has enabled Laerdal to include new reporting areas in the data warehouse solution without increasing the total solution complexity. It has also enabled a fast implementation of complex history tracking on personnel, inventory status and other snapshot data.

The data quality and reliability has increased and analytic users are now able to get very detailed information in both standard and ad-hoc reports.

Laerdal Medical